Saint Vincent-sur-Jard

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This small coastal village is situated on the site of a former Gallic port. It has a small centre with church, market and shops. George Clemenceau, a former French Prime Minister (early 1900's) had a summer house here which today remains as a museum. The village is unspoiled by development, and is protected by a dune forest. There is easy access to shops and restaurants both in the village and 5 minutes drive away at Jard-sur-Mer to the north. Cycling is popular and easy on local roads to get to the village centre or to Jard. Talmont-St-Hilaire, a short car ride away, is an attractive local destination with historic interest (Richard the Lionheart), shops and restaurants.

The Vendee

The Vendee offers both the attraction of it's coast with it's vast beaches of white sand dotted with holiday resorts and fishing ports, and the charm of it's hinterland. In the northwest and south, sheltered by the dunes, lie the Marais (the marshes), where vast spaces are divided up by mazes of canal and hedges, forming an intriguing landscape, rich in ecology. There is a rich archaeological heritage either preserved or restored, including evidence of pre-historic settlement with numerous standing stones (Dolmens) and medieval castles. The amount of sunshine enjoyed by the Vendee is akin to that found on the Cote d'Azur, but with ocean breezes to moderate the temperature.

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